Elemental Kingdoms Campaign

I’m am still building this world but here is what I have for you to work with so far. There will be some Norse themes that I will be using for names/places/people unless I think of something better. Blame Skyrim.

Creation Myth and Brief History of the World

Races of the World


Religion and Cosmology


Days are 24 hours long with standard day/night cycles based on the season. Each week is 6 days long (Godsday, Starsday, Windsday, Rainsday, Stonesday, Hearthsday) with 4 weeks per month. Each month is devoted to one of the 15 gods grouped by elemental seasons (Dark, Gale, Storm, Growing, Flame). Each season begins with a festival day making each season 73 days long .

The Role of Magic

Elemental Kingdoms