Creatures of the World


Dinosaurs are still around and there are some domesticated/war versions.


Th titans are elemental beings. They resemble the 4th edition titans rather than the 3.5 titan monster. The smaller ones will be similar to genies while the large ones with be based of giants/titans with elemental flavors. Many are rulers themselves but they range in alignment so this isn’t always beneficial.

Dragon and Wyrms

Elemental-based magical creatures from ages past. Many were servants of the Despoiler and defected during the war with it. They have not been seen since that time and were either destroyed or have gone into hiding.


Hag used to rule the land as servants of the Great Hag. They are still around with covens infiltrating areas or forming cults to the old powers. They are the antagonists in many children’s stores. Pathfinder changelings are half-hag. If anyone is interested we can add them and make Eberron changelings more like dopplegangers.


The Great Despoiler had many servants that survived his downfall.

Abominations and Demons

Ancient horrors still lurk in the deep earth and ocean. Some are worshiped by cults and brought to more civilized lands in secret.


Think Irish/Norse fey. Both good and evil they are similar in their link to the land. The population is still relatively small on the continent so their are many wild lands left to give them sanctuary.

Extraplanar Entities

Obviously elementals
Heaven and hell have servants
Positive and negative (and shadow) creatures exist
Outer realms exist (possibly one plane or many)


Elemental Kingdoms Celebrim