Playable Races

There will not be elves and dwarves per se, but, in this campaign, humans are more “malleable” and the other races are available as flavors of human. The small races will be represented as a servitor race known as the Alfr or Alfar. You can play one but won’t be treated well. As people express interest in races to play or they appear in the campaign I will add them.

I am rebuilding all the races using Pathfinder rules. This will allow for more options that fit the campaign without adding level adjustments. It will result in a slightly higher power level of play but the races will all be balanced to the best of my ability.

The power of the elements in the blood of men has allowed for quite a few variations. There are no half-breeds within these races, children either inherit the enhancements or not (and are treated as men).

Let me know of any interest in psionic races as I can make a few fit.

Races of Men

Race Standard Speed Vision Language Ability Modifiers Racial Traits
Countryfolk Human 30ft Low Light Standard Any +2 Integrated (+ 1 Skill Bonus)
(Bluff, Disguise and Knowledge[Local])
Flexible Bonus Feat
Skilled [+ 1 Skill Point per level]
Cityfolk Half-elf 30ft Low Light Linguist Any +2

Elf Immunities
[Immune to Sleep, + 2 vs Ench. spells/effects]
Skill Bonus [+ 2 Bonus to Listen, Spot]
Static Bonus Feat
[Choose any Skill Focus feat at level 1]
Urbanite [+ 2 Bonus to Gather Information]
Terrain Stride (Urban) [Can move through natural difficult terrain]

Swampfolk Half-orc 30ft Darkvision Standard Any +2

Skill Bonus [+ 2 Bonus to Intimidate]
Ferocity (can fight at 0 hp or less)
Weapon Familiarity [Proficient with Greataxe and Falchion]
Camouflage [+ 4 Hide/Move Silently in Marsh terrain]

Mountainfolk Dwarf 20ft Darkvision Standard CON +2
WIS +2
CHA -2

Hardy [+ 2 Bonus vs Poison, Spells and Spell-Like Abilities]
Stability [+ 4 bonus vs Bull Rush and Trip]
Greed [+ 2 Appraise to determine price of items with precious metals or gems]
Stonecunning [+ 2 Search/Spot bonus vs stonework (traps, unusual features, etc.) Auto check within 10 ft]
Weapon Familiarity [Proficient with Heavy Pick. Dwarven weapons are not exotic]
Natural Armor [+1 Natural Armor Bonus]

Forestfolk Elf 30ft Low Light Standard DEX +2
INT +2

Elf Immunities [Immune to Sleep, + 2 vs Enchantment spells/effects]
Skill Bonus [+ 2 Bonus to Listen, Spot]
Weapon Familiarity [Proficient with Longsword, Rapier, Longbow, Shortbow]
Camouflage (Forest) [+4 to Hide/Move Silent]
Silent Hunter [Reduce penalty for Moving Silently quickly by 5 points]

Trollkin 20ft Darkvision Xeno CON +2
WIS +2
INT -2

Fast Healing
Claws (2 primary natural attacks [1d4])
Bite (1 secondary natural attack [1d3])

Sons of Surtur Azer 30ft Low Light Linguist STR +2
Any +2

Fire Immunity
Cold Vulnerability
Weapon Familiarity (Greatsword and Longsword)
Elemental Assault (Add 1d6 Fire 1/day to a natural or melee attack)

Sons of Thrym 30ft Low Light Linguist STR +2
Any +2

Cold Immunity
Fire Vulnerability
Weapon Familiarity (Greataxe and Battleaxe)
Elemental Assault (Add 1d6 Cold 1/day to a natural or melee attack)

Sea Raiders
Cliff Dwellers
Lossalfar Halfling
Svartalfar Gnome
Goblin Goblin
Wyrmkin Kobold
Greater Wyrmkin Dragonborn

Men (Hillfolk, Swampfolk and Cityfolk)

Men are the most common race. They occupy and lands not heavily populated by the other races. The make up the vast majority of population and there is no noticeable difference between them, the racial abilities represent mainly environmental and cultural differences between rural and urban populations.

Earth and Fire Children (Mountainfolk, Sons of Surtur, Forestfolk, Trollkin)

These races are infused with elemental earth and fire. The mountainfolk are happiest underground and their settlements are often near or within mining operations for precious metals or gemstones. Mountainfolk are gray-skinned and mostly hairless. Forestfolk prefer the natural growth on the surface of the earth and tend to avoid larger populations that disrupt the natural order. Forestfolk are green-skinned and taller than the races of men. The Sons of Surtur were bred both as warriors and to work the forges of war. They possess the most technologically advanced armor and weapons and control mining operations for the more utilitarian metals like copper, tin, iron, mithril and adamant. The Trollkin are infused with earth but more closely tied to the more natural aspects, with green skin and quick growth and healing of the plants.

Air and Water Children (Sons of Thrym, Sea Raiders, Cliff Dwellers)

These races are infused with elemental water and air. The Sons of Thrym live in the far north and prefer the lands of eternal ice, the other races tied more toward water, are tied to the various waterways or the live along the southern coast. The Sea Raiders and Cliff Dwellers live along the coast and are tied to the water more than the land. They are explorers of the sea and control several island kingdoms but rarely explore or contest territory on the mainland.

Lesser Races

These live on the fringes of civilization. They are routinely pushed back as men expand and are often taken as thralls. Some populations live as vassals to powerful kingdoms but many more are antagonistic.

Beastmen [NPC]

These are men corrupted by the Hag and her Consorts in ancient times. Some individuals are reformed but most are openly hostile to the more civilized races. When they are captured in raids they are usually relegated to heavy labor.

Alfar (Lossalfar (Halfling), Svartalfar (Gnome)) [NPC]

The alfar are tied to nature and the fey. The are all significantly smaller than men and are easily beaten in open war so they have significant thralls among the communities of men. In some cases these communities have accepted this situation and the protection it provides but many engage in guerrilla war.

Other Races

These races are much more exotic. They are out of the ordinary so any members of these races would cause a significant reaction in any of the kingdoms. They do exist as emissaries or mercenaries but do not normally exist in the populations of men.

Goblins [NPC]

The goblins live across the southern sea. Some raid from or are imported as slaves from the southern continent and are only found in numbers along the southern coast.

Dragonmen (Kobold, Dragonborn) [NPC]

Servants of the wyrms, these creatures share the blood of their reptilian masters and often inherit some of their power. They only exist in numbers where one of their patrons hold sway.

Titanborn (Powerful elemental children of larger size [Giant/Half-giant/Half-Ogre] [NPC]

Some elemental children are much more powerful and larger than normal. They often function as shock troops or rise to positions of power in their own right. Also powerful mages can infuse living men with the power of the elements and create titanborn directly.

Genie-Kin (Actual elemental races (Efreet, Djinn, Marid, Shaitan) and their mortal breeds (Ifrit, Undine, Sylph, Oread) [NPC]

These were most likely involved in the creation of the elemental children. They mainly live on the elemental planes within their own cities but many serve as diplomats within the various kingdoms

Glossary and Clarifications

Language Knowledge

Standard Language Knowledge races begin knowing Common. They can learn the following languages with starting INT modifier.
Alfar – Language of the Alfar servants
Aquan – Language of water creatures
Auran – Language of the air races
Draconic – Language of the dragons and their servants
Ignan – Language of fire creatures
Terran – Language of earth creatures
Undercommon – Language of creatures of the deep

Linquists can choose any languages as bonus languages from starting INT (Examples include Goblin, Abyssal, and Celestial)
Xenophobic races can choose Alfar, Draconic, Undercommon and one element (matching if appropriate).

Non-Playable Races [NPC]

These races are either exotic or of higher power level than those above and not available to players initially. Replacement players at higher levels may discuss playing them with the GM.


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