Brief History

Creation of the World

Every child is taught the Edda of the Beginning. In the beginning were the Norns and the Threads of Fate. With this Thread, the tapestry of the world was crafted. Uror, the Crone, most skilled of the three, began the tapestry. Understanding the power it represented she jealousy guarded her skill and technique and dominated the early patterns. As she tired, Verthandi, the Matron, who’s skill had improved began to overtake her with more complicated and grandiose patterns, encircling and encroaching upon the early designs. Finally Skuld, the Maiden, who had been watching the others began to weave in earnest weaving patterns that overwhelmed the other two and completed the tapestry.

As all things follow the Tapestry, so does the history of the world. In the beginning, the agents of Uror ruled the land. Dark, covetous beasts that cared only for power. The land was ruled by the Hag Queen and her Five Consorts, given power over the elements by Uror’s weaving. Demons of fire consumed all in their path, leviathans of the deep satiated their immense hunger, great flocks blotted out the sun, abominations lurked in the pits of the earth collecting any foolish enough to find them, and great evils gestated in the void.

As Verthandi’s pattern took hold, the power of the elements was given to the beasts of the land. The great beasts, infused with power of the elements rose as titans of the natural world and great wyrms and brought war upon the old ones. The grip of the Hag Queen seemed unbreakable until Verthandi interceded again. To combat the Five Consorts, Verthandi raised the Paragons. Three Paragons would battle and destroy each of the consorts, a Warrior, a Shield-Maiden and a Craftsman. These Paragons are worshiped to this day.

Finally, Skuld the Maiden’s pattern emerged and the power of the elements was given to men, who are the future. The ruling beasts had grown despotic and corrupt over time and it was up to Men to topple their decadent empire. By using elemental magics, great mages bound the Titans to service and with them, overthrew the bestial rulers. The Great Despoiler in the East was the last to fall. An ancient beast who is said to have served the Paragons directly and was mighty beyond reckoning. Once it was learned that he had embraced necromancy and become an abomination himself, many of his vassals defected. With the aid of the mighty titans, and the help of converted vassals, the Despoiler was defeated, but not before issuing a final curse. The great eastern desert it a permanent reminder of his influence and the danger of imperial rule.

The world as it is now, is ruled by many, through their strength and merits, as it should be. No one king may become too powerful or rule too much land.

Brief History

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