Ancestor Worship is common among all people and exists in communities of any size. A temple is one of the first community buildings once a village begins to grow and are often the only stone building in smaller communities. The Earth Paragons control the fertility of flora and fauna and are the most common patrons of average folk. The main floor of a temple is usually dedicated to the Earth Paragons. The Water Paragons control the rains (both in its benefits to the land and protection from storms) and is the next most common group of patrons. The second level of a temple is usually dedicated to the Water Paragons with water either collected from rain or pumped to provide a reserve during droughts or simulate rain during festivals. The Fire Paragons govern both the hearth and the forge and they are the patrons of many warriors and craftsmen. The Fire Paragons are usually given space below the ground level allowing smoke to rise up during festivals. The Air Paragons govern travel as well as the more destructive aspects of wind. They are traditionally given a level above the Water Paragons with few walls to allow the winds to pass through. Often various chimes are employed during worship. Finally the Void Paragons govern knowledge and the mind. The Void Paragons are honored with a mosaic of crystal structures above the air level in a temple. These crystals provide for easier study of the constellations as well as tracking of the seasons.

Diety Original Element Role Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3
RanThe TravelerVoidArtificerShadowMindMagic
HelThe KeeperVoidShieldmaidenDeathDecayHunger
ThorThe MockeryAirWarriorDestructionDominationWar
LokiThe TravelerAirArtificerArtificeTravelTrickery
TyrDol DornWaterWarriorStrengthWarCompetition
NjordKol KorranWaterShieldmaidenCommerceCharmTravel
ThrymThe DevourerWaterArtificerDestructionWeatherCold
BaldurDol ArrahFireWarriorSunWarGlory
SigynThe FuryFireShieldmaidenMadnessPassionLiberation
AncestorsUndying CourtDeathlessFatePlanningProtection
HagsDragon BelowDragon BelowEvilMadnessEarth

Priests of the paragons can access the domains of their chosen patron, their chosen element, and any alignment domain that matches their own. Priests of the ancestors can access the domains listed but do not have access to alignments or elements unless specified.

Void DomainSaves +2 vs mind affecting
1Feather Fall
4Lesser Planar Binding
5Overland Flight
6Planar Binding
7Reverse Gravity
8Greater PLanar Binding



The honored dead of all races are allowed to continue their glorious battles in Valhalla. Valhalla is the name given to the great battlefield of the gods, but it also includes the more peaceful realms that border it (and serve as eternal strongholds and staging areas for the war. The unworthy are claimed by Hel in the realm that shares her name. Those trapped their are desperate to escape and sometimes find a way to return to the world.

Shavarath – the battlefield
Daanvi – the stronghold of Law
Kythri – the stronghold of Chaos
Irian – the stronghold of Good
Mabar – the stronghold of Evil

Hel – Dolurrh – the source of undead

The Elemental Ring

The pure elements are the seat of Titans and the source of the elemental servants that still exist in the world. The more accessible areas of the ring occur where the elements borders one another.

Muspelheim – Fernia – Fire and Earth (Fire)
Myrkheim – Lamannia – Earth and Water (Acid)
Niflheim – Risia – Water and Air (Cold)
Asgard – Syrania – Air and Fire (Electricity)

Alfheim – The Fey Realm

The source of the fey power, also believed to be the source of the alfar.

Alfheim – Thelanis

The Void Realms

The more esoteric powers exist as the realms of dream and nightmare. Void magic can be used to contact these realms as well as the lands of Valhalla.

Dreamlands – Dal Quor – Dreams
Dreadlands – Xoriat – Nightmare


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